Roughneck (Lead)

Next 76 Days

Spemocean Pte Ltd. is looking to hire Roughneck (Lead) for their upcoming project in Brunei.  Local Bruneian is preferred but client will be willing to consider other nationalities.  More information will be provided to suitable candidates.

Overall responsibilities/duties are, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Check equipment on the rig floor is maintained to safe standard and assist in pre-use checks, perform maintenance of drilling equipment as required by supervision
  • Assist Derrickman and or during relief time record the use of any mud pump parts, shale shaker and mud cleaner screens or mud cleaner cones as required. Keep mud pump records up to date.
  • Before tripping to line-up the mud systems and trip tank, to pull out and also to shut down unnecessary equipment as directed by the driller.
  • Ensure that in the derrick: Carry out rig inspections as required by SMS and supervision:
  • There are no loose tools or debris lying around
  • No loose ropes hanging from the board
  • All tubulars are securely fastened
  • Report faulty equipment and damage to the derrick structure
  • Assist Derrickman and or during relief time work at monkey board level, running or pulling tubulars in close communication with the Driller and the floor crews.
  • Assist Derrickman and or during relief time monitor active pit levels to assist in well control, reporting any anomalies to the Driller immediately
  • Drive fork trucks as required for cargo and chemical handling
  • Assist Derrickman and or during relief time carry out repairs to the fluid end of the mud pumps and valves in the LP mud system.
  • In liaison with the Derrickman
  • Plan the use of the mud pits for taking on fluids and the back load of fluids,
  • Stand-in for alternative work discipline as required.
  • Complete any other reasonable tasks as delegated by Line Supervisor.

Certifications listed are mandatory:
             - OGUK
             - BOSIET
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