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Spemocean Pte Ltd. is looking to hire Medic for their upcoming project in Brunei.  Local Bruneian is preferred but client will be willing to consider other nationalities.  More information will be provided to suitable candidates.

Overall responsibilities/duties are, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Provides competent, compassionate, and timely medical treatment to crew and employees.
  • Evaluates, assesses and treats all reported medical illnesses and injuries.
  • Responds to any and all medical emergencies.
  • Reports all occupational illnesses and injuries to the corporate claims representative, records and submits appropriate claims and insurance forms.
  • Administers over the counter medicines as needed.
  • Performs urine drug screen collections for routine random screenings and in association with all reported injuries/accidents.
  • Performs periodic drug tests for the company drug testing program and administers alcohol tests.
  • Maintains daily logs and reports for all patients seen and for all injuries.
  • Records and archives all records and documentation
  • Reports, maintains and records all work related illnesses and injuries on appropriate forms.
  • Acts as the medical liaison between the patient and corporate entities regarding all medical problems.
  • Maintains an adequate supply of consumable medicines and treatment supplies. Performs inventory of these supplies and orders supplies to keep appropriate levels of medicines and supplies.
  • Manages the storage, orders provisions and maintains inventory as well as maintains accounts and records for all crew using this service.
  • Maintains a clean, healthy, well –organized work environment that presents a professional medical appearance.

Certifications listed are mandatory:

  • OGUK

Qualified or interested candidates, please submit your updated resume in MS Word format through

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