Heavy Lift Crane Operator

Next 76 Days

Spemocean Pte Ltd. is looking to hire Heavy Lift Crane Operator for their upcoming project in Brunei.  Local Bruneian is preferred but client will be willing to consider other nationalities.  More information will be provided to suitable candidates.

Overall responsibilities/duties are, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Entails lifting levers and pushing buttons to ensure the safe conveyance of materials and equipment around a construction or industrial site.
  • Crane operators in performing their duties operate cranes in compliance with safe crane operational procedures.
  •  They work and communicate with ground crew/helpers via hand signals. They also work within precise limits and set standards of accuracy.
  •  Operators of Crane depress, pull or shift crane controls to regulate the speed and direction of a crane/hoist movement.
  •  They conduct daily inspections of crane parts to ensure components are in working order.
  •  They also identify faulty parts and facilitate or conduct repairs. Usually, crane operators drive mobile cranes to construction or industrial sites.
  •  They control cranes to lift, move and position heavy duty machinery, equipment, and work materials at a building site.
  •  They also start up crane engine during work operations and turn it off after use.
  •  As part of their responsibilities, crane operators bolt boom sections together in order to extend or adjust boom for high lifting or pile driving.
  •  They properly position outriggers and blocks to minimize risk of capsize during heavy load lifting.
  •  They also control pedals and levers to raise or lower crane boom and crane load line.
  •  Crane operators’ role also entails completing job tickets, service quality summaries and other relevant documents.
  •  They maintain an up-to-date knowledge of crane operation and function.
  •  They also ensure proper maintenance of crane and hoisting mechanism.
  •  In fulfilling their role, operators designate and ensure operator hookers attach load to hook prior to crane operation.
  •  They may oversee the set up and assembly of tower cranes at construction sites.
  •  They also inspect cables and grappling devices to identify wear and facilitate cable replacement.

Certifications listed are mandatory:
            - OGUK
            - BOSIET
            - HLCO (stage 3)
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